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Produktbeispiele und Empfehlungen:

Tablets & Handhelds:
1. DeltaHandheld-Device 4,5"
2. DeltaHandheld-Device 5" Typ 1, IP67
3. DeltaTablet-PC 9,7" Typ 2, IP65

DeltaHandheld-Device 4,5"

DeltaHandheld-Device 5" Typ 1, IP67

DeltaTablet-PC 9,7" Typ 2, IP65

Field Service Computing Solutions

Connected and Intelligent Service

In-vehicle computing solutions have changed business activities, engaged staff and encouraged new working practices. Combined with the commercial wireless LAN and broadband technology and dedicated vehicle communication technology, in-vehicle computer solutions have transformed the vehicle to more than a smart car but an IOV - Internet of Vehicle. It not only shifts the business paradigm but also greatly increases the asset management and driving safety via real time communication and tracking.

Applications of in-vehicle computing:

• Fleet management
• Vehicle tracking and monitoring
• Real-time communication, positioning and navigator
• Computer-aided dispatch
• Secure and safe public transportation
• Passenger infotainment systems
• Emergency services
• Law enforcement

The Rugged Mobile Tablet Computer for Field Application

The MRC series is designed for mobile workers requiring real-time information who can not access desktop PC or laptop. Its integrated wireless technology enables field technicians to access job assignments, order parts, conduct research and instantly log service reports. With the powerful 3.5G mobile broadband engine, the MRC series can benefit users by efficiently utilizing existing broadband whilst expanding service coverage. Some MRC Models also have a hot-swappable battery which further increases the battery life to extend service hours as well as integrated stylus and backlight keyboard for easy data input. The IP54/IP65 rated rugged design makes the durable MRC series suitable for use in even harsh environments. For logistic and warehouse management applications, the MRC series is equipped with a built-in barcode scanner and RFID reader. Onboard GPS and sunlight readable LCD make the MRC series ideal for outdoor applications. Typical applications include, but are not limited to asset management, building automation, mobile CRM, meter reading, on-site troubleshooting, AVL/GIS/ mapping, field data collection, plant operations, quality control, WIP tracking, surveillance/inspection, surveying, mobile POS, shelf labeling, fleet management, marine navigation, shipping/ receiving, health care services, etc.

Extreme Field Performance - Ultra-rugged Handheld Device
With features like Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, Bluetooth, image capturing, barcode scanner, NFC reader, multi-touch panel, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Light sensor, Barometer, GPS, MIL-STD 810G and IP-67 the rugged DeltaTablet-PC-5'' is fully equipped for various Applications like

- Logistics & Distribution
- Public Safety
- Mobile Ticketing
- Warehouse Management
- Field Application


The fully equipped DeltaTablet-PC 9,7" will ramp up your mobile workforce
Tableside Ordering: With desktop cradle + VESA mount, the Delta Tablet-PC 9,7" can serve as a self-service tableside ordering kiosk.

Warehouse Management: Mounted on a forklift while utilizing the vehicle cradle and VESA mount, it can help optimize your ware- house management on the move.

Inventory Management: With integrated barcode scanner and high mobility, the DeltaTablet-PC 9,7" is ideal for inventory and asset management.

Field Operations: Integrated numeric keypad and programmable keys help streamline data input operations in the field.


Total Solution enables the Express Company to successfully Upgrade its
Delivery Management System

With the increased willingness of consumers to shop online, e-commerce has also continued to flourish. Delivery logistics is the last mile in e-commerce supply chain. Its delivery services influence on whether the e-commerce vendors can get higher customer satisfaction or not. As a result, most delivery logistics companies provide handheld devices for their delivery drivers so that delivering goods to consumers on time and safely. In addition to displaying basic shipment information, the DeltaHandheld-Device 4,5" can sort out the delivered goods through scanning barcodes, as well as instantly transmitting the delivery status to the back-end management system via wireless network or mobile network.

APPLICATION NOTE: Delivery Management System Solution